Your Neighbors & Their Stories


ornament1My health was starting to fail! Blood pressure near hypertension, pre-diabetic, and just having a tough time walking up stairs! I started losing weight this fall when I got my new phone that tracked how many steps I was taking.

Chef Nikki

ornament1Chef Nikki, a perfect picture of health, was engaging and shared a wealth of information related to healthy eating at our 2014 Family Reunion. We had to pry her away from many of our cousins so that she could offer great coaching tips to make our lives healthier.

Mr. McGee

ornament1We met Mr. McGee at Wright’s Barbershop, the shop where the CBHC Barbershop/Salon Program started. We  talked to him about being active even at his young age of 81.


ornament1This young lady, after getting her blood pressure checked and noting it was excellent, mentioned that she used to weigh 300 pounds.  She says she lost weight naturally without the aid of medication or surgical procedures.

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