Manage Your Heart Health

Thank you for your interest in improving your health. CBHC is partnering with the community to improve the health of Blacks in Colorado. Our quest is to be the healthiest Black folks in America, but we need YOU! Take less than 5 minutes to sign up on Heart 360 and join our group. Tracking your health measures and getting tips on how to stay healthy will go a long way in helping to achieve your goals.

Heart360® is an easy-to-use tool which helps you understand and track the factors that affect your heart health – including blood pressure, physical activity, cholesterol, glucose, weight and medications.

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High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol Toolkit

African American men are at high risk for heart disease and stroke. This handy toolkit was created by the Ohio Department of Health in collaboration with Ohio physicians for use by the community. It is a tool that focuses in on high blood pressure and cholesterol and was designed with African American men, as well as their loved ones, in mind. The toolkit includes brief testimonials from Black men, information about the impact of heart disease, tip sheets, trackers, and risk assessments.

The tip sheets provide important and useful information:

  • Questions to ask the doctor
  • Medication question to discuss with the doctor
  • Facts about high blood pressure and cholesterol in African Americans
  • How to improve blood pressure and cholesterol numbers
  • Additional resources.

HBP HC Toolkit